Monday, December 13, 2010

MICAH - Red Jack's Saloon ( and Stagecoach Grill)

Red Jack's has (apparently) gone through a bit of a reinvention (in both look and staff) since the last time I was in there. What was once a seedy bar with not much to offer is now a fun and clean little hideaway in the heart of Olde Town Arvada.

We went in for dinner the other night for two reasons: 1) Neither of us felt like cooking; and 2) I've been dying to review the place! Walking in, there's not much to write home about. One bartender who told us we could seat ourselves, which we did, and a single cook in the back. The bartender promptly came over to ask if we'd be ordering dinner or just drinks for the evening and was pretty quick about bringing our drinks to us.

Red Jack's menu is pretty big considering it's just a bar in Olde Town. They have several specialty burgers along with some super delicious appetizers (you can see the full menu on their website) including chicken wings with six different sauces! Places this size usually only offer two: buffalo and BBQ. I'm looking forward to trying some of them! For dinner, I got the Red Jack's Signature Cream Cheese & Jalapeno Stuffed burger. Honestly? Probably one of the best burgers I've ever had...thick and juicy and perfectly cooked (I like my burgers medium rare). Todd got the Chili Cheese burger which is basically served open-faced on a giant hamburger bun. He loved it because it was loaded with raw onions and shredded cheese, just the way he likes his chili! The great thing about Red Jack's burger selection is that of the eight different burgers, only one of them is the same as The Archive Room (the mushroom and swiss burger). It's nice that they're not in competition with each other and that I can get pretty much any burger I could possible want from at least one place in the neighborhood.

All the burgers come with a choice of sides (things like fries, coleslaw, baked beans, among others) but none of them cost extra which was a pleasant surprise. I'm kind of tired of being up-charged for silly things like sweet potato fries, but I digress. Fries were unexpected steak fries which aren't my favorite, but these were cooked well so I ate them all. In fact, I wolfed down the entire meal which I should NOT have done given the burger itself was a whopping half-pound! was that good.

On top of all that, the service was pretty fantastic. The bartender took our order and brought it back very quickly and DID NOT forget the mayo and ranch dressing we ordered on the side. Why is this always so hard to remember? I mean, every time we order those two things, the server actually writes them down and still they are forgotten. So that was a nice change to the usual.

Red Jack's hosts a poker game every Tuesday night so some patrons came in to play while we were chatting after dinner. They also have a DJ that plays nightly, but we left before we had a chance to hear him play.

Happy hour is pretty awesome...Sunday-Thursday 3p-7p and 10p-2a. Friday 3p-7p. They offer 25cent wings during happy hour so we'll be making our way over for that some night.

I really enjoyed this joint and fully intend to go back. If you're looking for some easy (and cheap) and you love good burgers and dive bars, this is the place for you! Also, it's family-friendly until 9p when you have to be 21 to enter.

Red Jack's Saloon
5707 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO 80002
(303) 593-1661

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