Saturday, November 27, 2010

MICAH: The Archive Room (take 2)

Several weeks ago, I posted a review of one of the newest restaurants in the Arvada area (and a favorite of mine and Todd's), The Archive Room. Great restaurant, great atmosphere, great beer selection, but the menu was lacking just a little bit.

Mere days after I posted the original review, the menu changed...oh, for joy! They added brand new burger selections including many of the burgers I was hoping for (bacon-guacamole, mushroom-swiss, BBQ, etc.) which was so nice to see! They now offer all their burgers with a vegetarian patty or chicken breast at no extra charge. I can't think of many other restaurants that offer that option unless it's for a fee.

They mixed up some of the sandwiches and entrees as well. The ones that I've tried has been fantastic (shrimp po' boy and meatball hero) and the ones I haven't yet eaten sound amazing too (especially the three-cheese baked mac).

The only thing that changed that was a bummer: they no longer offer the chips and dip platter. It was salsa, guac, and queso, all of which were amazing. Now it's just chips and salsa for $4 and you can add a side of guac for another $1. Still delicious, but I miss the platter option (it was my dinner more times than I should admit).

Also a huge bummer: no more late night happy hour. No big deal to me since I'm not typically a night owl anymore, but it was nice to have somewhere chill and, well, clean to go if I wanted a beer at 10pm. I can still go there, it's just not as cheap. But hey...they still have regular happy hour from 4p to 7p Monday through Friday, and that's also a hard happy hour to beat!

Archive is still one of our favorite restaurants, despite the minimal "bummer" changes...make a date to get there if you haven't already!

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